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Before I met him, I would dance in the shower.

When he was in my life, I would think about showering with him.
After he left, I would sit on the ground in the shower and cry.
When I got over him, I showered so quickly there was no time for dancing, fantasies or tears.

Someone can invade the smallest parts of your life,
you won’t even realize it until you dance in the shower again
and wonder why you ever stopped.

this is too real

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  • bf: are you scared?
  • me: in this economy who wouldn't be
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a bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorcycle 

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Photo 19 Oct 2 notes My cat was laying in the sun and she looked really cute so I decided to take a picture…. buuut she only LOOKS LIKE A BALL OF ENERGY WITH FRICKEN EARS

My cat was laying in the sun and she looked really cute so I decided to take a picture…. buuut she only LOOKS LIKE A BALL OF ENERGY WITH FRICKEN EARS

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If this isn’t good marketing I literally don’t want to know what is.

the BMO one though….

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r u ever like damn i hate my body but then ur like life is an illusion i’m floatin around on a rock trapped in an orbit around a ball of flame in a vast & largely unknown universe where death is unescapable who gives a shit ???

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have I ever mentioned, that there is a vampire-cat in my neighborhood?

baby sabertooth omg

the snaggletooth to end all snaggletooths

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Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré, daughter of French wildlife photographers Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, was born in Namibia. During her childhood she befriended many wild animals, including a 28-year old elephant called Abu and a leopard nicknamed J&B. She was embraced by the Bushmen and the Himba tribespeople of the Kalahari, who taught her how to survive on roots and berries, as well as how to speak their language.

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in before tumblr screams about cultural appropiation

This doesn’t even count as cultural appropriation

This isn’t a person robbing a culture, to hell with the others

This is a child born right next to that culture

Who was embraced by the people and taught how to do some of the things they do

Which is not the same as cultural appropriation

No cultural appropriation. Just something really beautiful.

I love the picture where she’s cuddling a frog.

Don’t send her to school when she is older.

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No one defines you but you.  

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